So as to Mimic Their Natural Environment

by George Thomas


The Author’s 10 Gallon Betta Riverbed

I take solace in
for my pet fish.
This is my sole
purview, no less
relentless than
destiny, or
one’s career.

I research their
native ponds, read
the curvature
of every
twig so I may
learn how to reach
beneath currents
and transfer my
solace unto
my pet fish.

I google how
stones lay themselves
on the river
floor, seamlessly
bound to the next
like a necklace
carelessly, yet
tossed away by
a whimsical,
but scorned woman.

If only I
could ask her how,
how to place each
rock so they might
spawn a blanket
of moss because
I will forget
to feed my fish
on some days.