Night #7: 06/30/2015

by G.T.

I’m not on board with hourly employees working off the clock, and Miss Indiana unwittingly proved to me yesterday morning that management is all too aware that it’s happening. I don’t want any part of it.

For a long time I’ve known that there have been employees clocking out only to return to their posts and continue working. As an “hourly” back in that time, I figured it was an unspoken thing, something management knew about, but never confronted. Now that I’m part of the salaried few, and having come to realize that the bosses are not only aware of it, but facilitate it, bothers me to no end.

Yes, many hourly workers choose to stay on their accord, and perpetuate this issue, which makes their actions no worse than management. However, it’s management that’s responsible for nipping it in the bud. But they allow it, and they’re all too comfortable doing so.


It’s making me physically ill thinking about it. I can’t shake it. I can’t assure myself that this is how it works, that the food chain operates like this as if it were a natural cycle, or something. I feel like calling it quits right now. Just chalk it up as another chapter, another slice of reality. I don’t feel strong staying here and ignoring this bullshit about noncompensated work. I feel weak because I’m a part of the people who cast a shroud over it. I can’t accept it, but what do I accomplish from abandoning my job? It likely happens everywhere, but now I’m indirectly contributing to it, or so I feel. I never wanted this in the first place, and now I may have become a worse individual raking in my share while those who I once was get stepped on. They neither like nor respect me, but that doesn’t matter; it’s the principle of it all.


Author’s Note: “Miss Indiana” is the facetious moniker for a salaried manager whose face and personality were much like a mattress that was purchased on Craigslist, pissed on, then resold on Backpage.