Baby Fictions

by G.T.

The Colorful Wall in Zagreb

He left college to study the world. She wished him luck and kept the rest to herself.

Then she received a card of him leaning upon a wall of graffiti. “Greetings from Croatia” he wrote, and she knew he was far from her as there were no beautifully painted murals like that on the black and white confines of the campus. She wrote back to say the rest, but had only “The Colorful Wall in Zagreb” for an address. All she got was her feelings back in bold red print: “RETURN TO SENDER”.

Next time she heard from him, it was “Greetings from Oregon”. He lived in a school bus in an agrarian commune just outside of Clatskanie. This time she chose not to write, as she realized that what she seeks is beyond the Quad. She left college and boarded a plane to Portland.

Heart of Seasons

“Do you think we ended it too soon?”

I once adored June’s correct grammar usage in text messages. Short answer: yes? It was five a.m. and the lights of my eyes were half lit, so I didn’t respond. Walking out onto my patio with my coffee in hand I rushed back in, and began shuffling throughout my closet for a scarf.

Sliding hangers from one end to the other, glancing at what no longer fits and what will be daily wear come November, got me thinking about the terminus of lovely things. Summertime, whether it’s the blink of an eye or passes like dog years, we want it for keeps. We try, but that which is lovely is shared, finite, and no single person can hold on to it for their personal pleasure.

“No. It ended soon enough.”

I have my heart set on Autumn now.