Kids Off The Block

by G.T.

It was practically a ghost-town had I not driven past a line of residents awaiting rations from a local church’s food pantry. Few people were outside, yet it was a summer afternoon. Roseland’s lack of activity led me to pay close attention to her abandoned lots. Square plots of gravel, sprinkled with broken shards of glass that glittered under the sunlight, but reflected little brilliance against a row of cyclone fence that bordered the empty urban void. “You gotta put your face on in this neighborhood,” I was advised upon driving into Roseland. That is true in many instances, but it seemed that everyone in the neighborhood had adopted similar wisdom, choosing not to show their faces at all. Aside from those who braved the sorely expected, and stood in the food pantry line.

I just came across this video and article a few minutes ago. A CNN hero nominee. From Roseland.