Mildly Glorious Return to Inglorious Text Poetry

by G.T.

I spent the week writing and invested an inconsiderable shred of time revamping this blog. For those of you who regularly read my blog, it looks different now. Obviously. I realized something a few days ago; that my blog was awfully disorganized and, to put it blatantly, a wee bit fucked up. I was mismanaging it, if there’s such a thing as mismanaging a blog. I wasn’t categorizing things correctly, and instead of creating a page for my work, why not just post it? I perused the template charts, looking for a new design. Found one that fit the title “Steel & Stone” quite swimmingly, but the design reminded me of a 70’s sitcom, or a struggling ma ‘n pop’s business that was behind on the times. I wanted something that wasn’t flashy, but appeared less ‘classic oldies’ like. So here’s this template.

And like I said, writing was my focus for the past week, so I pushed the text poetry to the back burner. Saturday, I was pleased to see my first short story published by somebody other than myself, and I received an email informing me of the acceptance of a second story on a weekly online journal. That’ll be out in about four weeks, so I’ll have a link to that work once it’s published.

So here are three poems sent to three people who offer no response because they’re dull and question nothing.

(309) – 7:32pm – 09-26

“Amiable deceit
and self-medicating
doesn’t last. Two
addicts played sweet
mock harmonies.
The afflicted
addicted themselves
to the withdrawal
before the drug.”

(773) – 4:19am – 10-03

“4am jazz and
White Castle sliders
for fog headed
city souls driving
slow in the
ambulance lane.
Onion mean streets
and siren shrieks
play aside to a

(630) – 7:32am – 10-03

“Schematic sunrises
don’t exist, but some
insist to create one.
Something artificial
like flowers that look
real, but we really
know there is no
aroma and truth.”