Freshly Squeezed Post

by G.T.

     Until this morning, I had forgotten that grapefuit juice has ever existed. I awoke a few hours ago and my throat was parched. Rather than brewing a pot of coffee, I drove down the street to one of three grocery franchises that are located on the same intersection. Talk about capitalism and perfect competition. I chose the grocery store not with the sales or the coolest logo, but the one that has an entrance before the traffic light, and therefore avoiding all those morning commuters who have decent jobs. The call center at my place of work called me this morning and informed me that my hours have been cut for next week. I already have four hours on this week’s schedule, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my place of work just robbed me of my only four hours for next week. That is why I say all those frowning faces in traffic, shoving their faces with fast food breakfasts and pouring energy drinks down their throats have decent jobs. At least the lot of them have stable employment. However, that doesn’t make them better than me. They have money and long hours. I have free time and am only concerned with buying a bottle of something cold and healthy.

     I’ll tell you who doesn’t have stable work right now. Across the street from the grocery store Bermuda Triangle is a car dealership, and since late August, the auto mechanics have been on strike. At the beginning of their lock out, I would honk wildly and show my support. Go working class! Talk about socialism and the establishment of industrial armies. It’s been over a month now and I wonder how these men are holding up, still arguing with their bosses. I’ve reduced my support to honking only on rainy days.

     As would be expected of human nature, I joined the ranks of old people in the grocery store. My only goal was to buy any fruit juice, and I was zig-zagging through aisles of elderly men and women, leaning onto shopping carts, staring blankly at sales flyers, skating across the cheap floor in their Keds. What do ya know? Oceanspray cranberry juice for two dollars! Not only is it good for one’s urinary tract, but it tastes mighty fine, too. And as I passed the refrigerated foods, I spotted grapefuit juice. There you have it: one of those mundane rediscoveries that suddenly make your day more meaningful, and give you one minor reason to keep on living, because it could happen again in the near future.

And I’d like to mention –

I added a new page on my blog: The Credentials. It’s my cover letter and resumé that I used for my writing job. It has been known to tap into anyone’s style of humor.

And I added a flash fiction piece in the Special Reserve, titled Grief. It won’t take you very long to read, so I suggest you do.

And once again, I’ve also added a short, comedic essay, titled, “Revised Theory of Evolution” and a page of various “Rants”, which can all be found in the Subpages category of the Special Reserve.