How’s About This Text Poetry

by G.T.

     There was nothing to do at work, so I was sent home early. Only two and a half hours. It’s better than nothing. Story of my life. So this post isn’t today’s installment of my current barrage of text poetry to every cell phone number in my Contacts List. However, fifteen people have received poems so far, and I must say that the project is evolving into something greater and greater each day. I’m learning a lot about myself, and have discovered that several people have given me their numbers, but I’ve rarely given anybody my number. It’s resulted in some interesting dialogue. And there’s a lot of people of whom I’m really excited to write.

Now I have plenty of numbers to keep this project going for quite a while, but I’m currently brainstorming new ways to build upon this project, expanding upon my initial plan: to send three people on my cell phone’s Contacts List a poem each, and go with the flow of interaction.