A Contacts List and a Lot of Poetic Verve

by G.T.

     I don’t have many friends anymore. I rarely go out, and those friends I have, they live far away right now, and I occasionally speak to them through email, instant messaging, or through that stupid Facebook thing. A long time ago, I thought that I had plenty of friends, but gradually, it turned out to be a perpetual series of casual disrespect.

     I drank wine yesterday and thought of an idea. For some unknown reason, I’ve never deleted a number from the Contacts List on my cell phone. As it stands, my Contacts List is made up of: people who are practically strangers to me now, ex-coworkers, current coworkers (that I don’t get along with), crappy friends, old friends, failed romances, a few good people, and a guy who I bought an aquarium from a while back. A very colorful array of characters, and since I have their number, I’ve obviously had some interaction with them in the past. In fact, I’ve checked the list, and can think of at least one memory or one aspect about each particular person.

     Maybe I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown, but I don’t care what people think. I read this blog by a guy who writes “txt poems” and publishes them on his blog, and I looked at my Contacts List, and got an idea. What if I were to write a poetic verse to everybody on my Contacts List, regardless of who they are? Perhaps a memory I have of that person, or a characteristic about them. Even a struggle that person may have in their life. A deeply personal poem to each one of these people. Everyone. No exceptions. I thought it would be an amazing project. It’s not like these people are close to me anymore, but I do remember each of them in some way.

     My plan is to send three poems each day. It’ll take a while, but I want to publish these poems and the reactions I get from the recipients on my blog. Three poems should offer at least one good response everyday. Along with each poem, I’ll include a back story of how I know this person, or more specifically, why their number is in my phone. I’ll also explain the purpose of each poem that I write, and why it’s for that particular person.