Not the Best when it comes to First Impressions

by G.T.

     I’ll admit that I’m a dickhead at times. Occasionally immodest. Seldomly volatile. I believe that I may have inadvertantly offended another blogger a few nights ago, when, after reading his post about writing advice that he received from his wife, I replied to his post, suggesting that he try something slightly different than what his wife had advised him. I usually don’t offer advice to anybody, and probably for good reason, for that I may have come across as arguing that he should listen to me, some smart ass that he’s never even met, instead of listening to the love of his life. I doubt that he’s interested in corresponding with me.

     And yesterday, I did the same thing: unintentionally offending another blogger who merely inquired about my writing, and where she could read my writing. I honestly didn’t intend to come off as a snob, but it was received that way.

     If you were to ask any of my friends or family, they would most likely say that I am sarcastic, witty, and I’ll admit that I tend to cross peoples’ boundaries with my humor, and the way in which I say (or word) things, whether spoken or written. My personality is rather suggestive. Some people like it, and others do not. It didn’t occur to me until this morning, when I read a reply from the blogger who asked to read my writing, that I haven’t been exibiting the right attitude when it comes to interacting with other aspiring writers. She said that I was being snotty and defensive. Surely, that is not the correct way to begin networking with people. Rather than interacting with those of you as if I’ve known you for quite some time, I forget that I’m basically meeting all of you for the first time, and nobody likes a smart ass at first glance.

I’m somebody that takes some getting used to.