Not That I Care to Share Anything with You

by G.T.

     I started this blog four weeks ago today. In a month’s time, I’ve received one hundred and ninety visits, and two comments. Much love to those of you who give a shit. Next month, I do anticipate a greater presence. I have no idea how to achieve that, but somehow, I’ll think of something as the days turn into nights, and back again. Perhaps I’ll act a bit nicer. I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs by writers have this sensitive, overly polite demeanor about them. Everybody who is hopeful, who is a prospective author appears to have a good attitude about life. Such optimism…where do these people find inspiration? On second thought, I’ll do me, and not act like the sun shines everyday.

     I thought that it would be a cutesy wootsy idea to review a cigar today, this being something of a special occasion. Four weeks blogging, but I’m sort of broke today, and as much as I love cigars, they are but a luxury for me to have and to savor every now and then. Not always. So in light of my weekend excursion to banal and scenic Iowa, I just wrote this poem in the last twenty minutes or so. Not revised. Far from refined. Sounds like a great addition to my “Special Reserve”.

     I wrote that last sentence over an hour ago, having been sidetracked by many other things. I forgot what I was getting at. Happy one month anniversary, blog! Not that anybody gives a fuck…If you do care, contact me, for I will gladly be accepting gifts  in the form of wine and rum.