A Fledgling Blog

by G.T.

     The goal that I set for myself a couple of days after starting this blog was to gain one hundred visitors by the eighth day, or yesterday. I didn’t think that it was an outlandish goal, especially after getting twenty-seven visits on Tuesday August 3rd. My confidence was slightly shaken after my blog flatlined, receiving no visits Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now I’m still a newcomer to all this, and am still thinking of ways to make this blog better, more interesting, all the while retaining integrity to how I am. By August, after the Festival Cubano and my first pitch, I figured that there would enough content to post my blog on Facebook. That way, if anybody was interested in reading, there would be a wealth of content and such.

     I just returned home from work, and checked the statistics of my blog. Sixteen visitors, almost all of which were directed to my blog from the link on Facebook. Not too shabby. Some people even looked at some of the features on my blog, like My Habano Dossier, and listened to some of the underground raps that I posted here. My mom and sister commented on the link, offering a few good words and congratulating me for a successful first pitch. It definitely means something to know that at least somebody is interested in what you’re trying to do, and has your back.

     I said this the other day, but didn’t come through, so I’m going to try and take some time today to add some of my writing in the Special Reserve.