First Episode Pitch.

by G.T.

     Monday night was my first episode pitch for my new job as a sketch writer. I wasn’t all that nervous. Like I said, it was my first pitch. I walked into it with the anitcipation that it would be more of a learning experience. Learn the ropes of introducing my concept and collaborating with the other writers when drafting the first script. As for my episode pitch, I was actually rather confident about it. So I was more excited than anything else. Walk in, pitch the idea, and take it all in from there until the end of the session.

     Four episode ideas were pitched. A vote was made to determine which idea would be discussed, and drafted as a script. The vote was anonymous. We wrote the name of the person who pitched the episode that we wanted to choose. The vote was tallied, and my episode was selected. “Fuck yeah!”, I thought to myself. First time doing this, and I’m off to a seemingly great start. I didn’t even vote for myself, just to be modest. Then I thought, “Shit, but I’ve never done this before.” I was totally unaware of the process of drafting a script, and it was my responsibility to somewhat lead the discussion, and guide everybody through my idea, beginning to end. Personally, I felt like I did a moderately good job doing so, but being a newcomer, I hesitated on a few occasions, relying on the suggestions of the rest of the group to move the idea along. It was the first time that I had ever written or collaborated with a group of people before. Once I tried to get a writing group started with somebody, but that never came to be. That was probably the closest I’ve come to any sort of writers’ group. And usually, I prefer writing solo. No help is really necessary when I’m drafting a short story. I’m very much a loner, and my intention to join that fledgling writers’ circle was to gain a perspective that would most likely be overshadowed by my own. However, I realized that when it comes to constructing a comedic sketch from the ground up, it’s very beneficial to collaborate. Some pretty good ideas came from everyone, enhancing the sketch from opening credits to ending credits.

     As soon as I left, I walked to the L station to catch a train, and more ideas started pouring into my head. I found myself in an inspirational state of mind, which could be a result of the confidence from the success of my first pitch. I feel great and intend to pitch at another session soon.