Café con Leche

by G.T.

     Earned eight and a half hours today. Lately I’ve been doing a fairly good job retaking the hours that have been cut from under me. Earlier this week, I was trying to get somebody to cover my shift for tonight, and since nobody would, I considered calling off. My supervisor asked for my help fixing a large display in the store tonight, and added that if possible, I come in an hour early. He’s a good guy, and has been trying to persuade the upper management to keep me as a permanent employee. No such luck so far, but I don’t want to let him down by calling off tonight. And besides, I’m getting paid, so it’s not an absolute loss.

     This morning, I’m settling down, listening to some hip-hop, and drinking some café con leche. I use almond milk for my café con leche, and it makes a good coffee. I’m certainly not tired, so I’ll probably write throughout the day. I’m having some issues concerning the format of my work when I post on the “Special Reserve”, so once I find a way to showcase my writing on this blog, the Special Reserve will be serving it’s intended purpose.