Surprisingly Ambitious Work Day

by G.T.

     With only three hours of sleep that was heavily interrupted with snooze alarms, I managed to work a nine and a half hour shit, taking just three brief smoke breaks. I opted out of taking a lunch hour, because I didn’t bring anything. The day went fairly well up until the last hour of my shift, when, while working in the paint department, I dropped two bottles of titanium oxide (or whatever the hell it’s called), and both bottles broke, spilling all over the floor. Corporate policy requires that spills be cleaned up by only supervisors or managers, so I sort of lucked out. However, I did feel bad for the overnight supervisor, who had to stay an extra hour to clean the mess. By 6:30, I had finished everything, and considered staying an extra thirty minutes, and making it a ten hour shift.

     Really, I probably could stay as late as I’d like at work. Most of the time, I’ll show up, clock in, and nobody knew that I was scheduled. And for me to stay nine and a half hours, and not take a single break longer than ten minutes is probably the most ambitious I’ve ever been at any job. Back at Wal-Mart, it wasn’t uncommon for me to clock in an hour and a half late, take an hour and a half for lunch, and leave an hour and a half early. I loathed everything about that job, though. I’d often lay in bed for two of three hours before a shift, depressed about having to eventually show up to that nowhere job. The Home Depot is slightly better, and now that I’m writing more and making some progress, working mundane retail jobs is somewhat tolerable. That’s another point: the more I focus on my own projects, I’m more inclined to accept that I am dependent on menial work, at least for the time being.

     I started this blog on Monday, and have had fifty visitors so far. That’s pretty good, I would say. I’m hoping for at least one hundred by Tuesday, August 10. Whether or not those fifty visitors actually read any of my posts, I’m just happy that the presence of blog is growing in some way. I’ve only told, say, seven people about the blog. It’s a process, just like everything else. Time for some coffee.