First Pitch is Ready.

by G.T.

     Why I always wait until the last minute to do something, I can’t explain. Perhaps it is just my nature. For a month, I’ve been thinking without end about what to write for my episode pitch, but really had no idea. It’s required to create new characters, a minimum of one per episode, and I thought of one only two days after I was hired. A funny one, too. After that, though, it seemed that my mind went idle. A feeling which obviously causes much frustration and worry.

     All I did this morning was sit in my backyard with coffee and some smokes, and started jotting notes down in one of my many notebooks. Like that, ideas began flowing effortlessly. This, too, is another trait about my writing style. Once the thoughts get rolling and the pen gets moving, the story writes itself. Not two hours later, I’ve got an episode and two more characters. On Monday, I’ll be pitching my episode to the show’s creator and other writers involved with the show’s development.

     Perhaps it is the coffee and the smokes that pick me up. I felt very detached from my previous blog today, feeling as though I was merely recording the bare details of work, and I had neither coffee nor smokes. I still haven’t eaten yet, so that will come once I put the finishing touches on the pitch.