Another Morning Ahead of Me

by G.T.

     It’s weird clocking out of work at sunrise, rather than sundown. Driving home, I share the road with several commuters, most likely all of them are going to work, unlike me. An overnight shift usually goes by fast, but like I said yesterday, it ruins any chance of enjoying the night. And I prefer night over day, for the most part.

     I spent my entire shift this morning working in one aisle of the store, taking boxes of merchandise from the storage shelves as high up as the ceiling, and stocking the products onto the shelves. I was climbing up and down a narrow ladder again and again. It got a bit tricky when I had to carry a thirty-five gallon tank of floor cleaner down from the shelves. The ladders aren’t all that stable. I moved from one section of the aisle to the other, eventually reaching the opposite side, and must’ve emptied a hundred or more boxes. I did this for the entirety of my six hour shift.

     I did make it to work on time today, but woke up too late to get dinner. So I’ve been functioning on the caffeine and sugar of a coffee, a bottle of coke, and two butterfinger bars.

     Surprisingly, I’m not fatigued, and intend to stay awake, at least until the afternoon. I have to finish up my first episode pitch for the show I was hired to write for, back in July. Before that, I have to get some coffee and smokes. Not to forget a bite to eat.