After Work

by G.T.

     One of my friends called me at 1:30 this morning, wondering if I’d like to chill for a while. Looking at my bedside clock, I had realized what the time was, and then remembered that I was supposed to be at work at 11:00 pm. Already two and a half hours late, I considered not showing up at all, and granted that the store did not call me, nobody probably thought that I was supposed to work last night. I rainchecked the plans with my friend, and tried calling the store. No one answered, so grudgingly, I decided to go to work.

     Being as late as I was, I stopped for a pack of cigarettes and a coffee. There was no need to hurry. I arrived at work, rang the doorbell, and several minutes later, the third shift supervisor opened the door, appearing very puzzled that it was me at the door. Like I said, nobody had no idea. Nobody ever knows what’s going on. I clocked in at 2:21 am, almost three and a half hours late for work.

     My shift was originally scheduled to end at five o’clock this morning, but I stayed to make up for the lost hours. My weekly hours were cut over a month ago, so I may as well prevent the loss of more hours. I was somewhat glad that I stayed, because a volatile thunder storm swept through the area in the morning, complete with heavy rains and harsh winds that whipped garbage and potted plants from the store’s garden department across the parking lot. I took a smoke break when the storm began. Despite the terrible weather a storm brings, it’s rather nice to watch the changing cloud patterns and lightning take over the sky.

     Back inside the store, I finished the tasks that I usually do, stocking merchandise, and while throwing empty, flattened boxes into the baler, I ran into the coworker who advised me to start a blog, this blog. I gave him the address and he wrote it on a random piece of paper that he pulled out of his smock. I thanked him for the advice, of encouraging me to start this very simple networking type of thing. Something that, before, I dismissed for arbitrary reasons. For a 21 year old, I even find it odd that I wouldn’t take part in blogging.

     Also towards the end of my shift, or rather, the time that I decided to finally leave. I asked another coworker if he could cover my shift for this Saturday. One of the aspects that disappoints me about working overnights is that it has practically eliminated any chance of me having a night life, especially for the summer, and most definitely because I’m always scheduled to work weekends. There’s an event that I was invited to this Saturday, and it may very well be my one and only opportunity to enjoy a summer night. What really pisses me off is that the coworker that I asked is somebody that I’ve given complimentary rides to and from work at least three to four times every week, since May. I never asked for any gas money. I even took him to the bank once so that he could cash his payroll check, and not have to walk all the way there. I even gave him two cigarettes this morning, before I asked him if he would cover my shift, because he didn’t have any smokes. After dozens of free rides to work and back home, I think one could work a simple six hour shift as an act of gratitude. Instead, he even laughed when I asked him, pointing out the apparent ridiculousness of the question. And then he asks if I can give him a ride to work this Friday. Expect a good deed(s) to be compensated from anywhere or anybody other than the source that received your generosity. Looking at it that way, you won’t become too infuriated.

     I clocked out at 7:30, earning two of the three hours back from being late. There are a couple more people that I can ask about covering my shift. I’m not all that concerned with it right now. My biggest concern of this morning is that I ran out of coffee.