First Post

by George Thomas

So apparently I’m supposed to publish news about myself on this, my blog. I’ve never blogged before and hardly take part in social networking. I know enough that it’s odd for a twenty-one-year-old to have this perspective. However, a few people that I know have suggested that starting a blog would be a good way to “get my name out there” and “hype my writing”. I’m not one to readily accept the advice of others. “Walk in my shoes, then tell me what you think, asshole” is usually my approach to those speaking their minds.

Of course I have considered starting a blog in the past, but I thought, nobody I look up to ever had a blog, so forget it. Then it occured to me, almost everybody that I look up to is dead. And most of them didn’t even have a computer. They were working with the best of their era: typewriters and strictly printed media. I may as well utilize what resources are available to me. So now, I have a blog.

I’m pretty sure that I’m just talking to myself right now, but eventually word of mouth will run it’s course, among other forms of communication. If you happen to discover my blog for whatever reason, expect more to come as days go by.